Cadiz Comfort Zone Artisans

Terry Naylor American Originals,

Curran Copeland Handcrafted Wooden toys and Housewares, Kentucky Crafted Artist,            www.            

Anna Mullen Quilts and Totebags, Designer Aprons

Adam Meredith Civil War Art

Jackie Lett Jewelry Artist and Dymples dishrags

Charlie Samples Author, Photographer

Maggie English Silversmith                           

Millie Grasty  Recycling Artist

Kevin Hendon, Fiber Artist


Susan J. Sheley Needle feltingMason jar arts                     

Maria Bruzewski  Original Watercolors and Cadiz Walking Tour book

DiAnne Bridges New Country painted wood

Diane & Erma Vlach Puppy Pals, wooden puzzles

Don Geisler, Wooden Boxes and Walking sticks 

Robin Hendon, Card Crafter, Needle felter and decoupage

Ronald Gibson, Wood crafter 

 Elizabeth West, Paper flower crafter

Gayle Mitchell Painting on recycled items

 Sam Convers, Woodpecker Feeders



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